Steven Gerrard Might Just Have Himself A New Gig When He Retires From Management

Steven Gerrard may still be managing Scottish Premiership club Rangers, but it looks as if he has his next job all but booked up. After a 2-0 defeat to Celtic before the break began, the former Liverpool midfielder managed to forget all about it and enjoy himself while kicking back on the golf course.

The Bean-Bag Onesie Would Revolutionize The Touchline Coaching Experience

When it comes to touchline fashion, the game runs a pretty wide gamut from the track suits favored by the likes of Maurizio Sarri to the beloved hooded cardigan of Pep Guardiola. I believe, however, that we’re on the verge of another major transformation in managerial style — one that would require André Villas-Boas to swap his preferred trench coat for a bean-bag onesie.

USWNT Legend Heather O’Reilly Named UNC Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach

Last week, one of the greatest players in University of North Carolina and USWNT history announced that she’s returning to her old stomping grounds. This time, Heather O’Reilly will be telling others to “get on the line.”

O’Reilly is joining the UNC women’s soccer team alongside Anson Dorrance as the assistant coach. Dorrance’s introduction of O’Reilly truly explained her importance to both the UNC squad and the USWNT — along with, of course, calling her out for mistakes.

Who Are The Youngest Head Coaches Across Professional Sports?

Do you ever look at Wikipedia pages to see what age people accomplished things and think, “Hey, Charles Bukowski didn’t publish his first novel until 50, I’ve got plenty of time,” but then you see that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein at the age of 18 and you say, “It’s over, bury me out back.” 

Is that a thing you do? 

No One Manages Players Better Than Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp; Here’s Why

Is there a better manager in men’s football right now than Liverpool’s lovable leader and Champions League winner? Everyone wants to know why Jurgen Klopp is so good, but a recent article shown light on the German’s secret to success. 

DaMarcus Beasley Provides The Most Damning MLS Academy Anecdote Ever

In a recent talk with SBI, American icon DaMarcus Beasley said he wholeheartedly supports promotion and relegation in MLS — although he admits that he has no idea how it would work financially and pragmatically — but he also gives the most depressing assessment of the league’s academy system that I’ve ever heard.

Real Salt Lake’s Mike Petke Absolutely Deserved To Be Fired And Now He Needs To Shut Up

Late on Sunday night, Real Salt Lake announced an end to the tenure of controversial head coach Mike Petke. 

Newly Announced USWNT GM Kate Markgraf Will Not Limit Coaching Search To Female Candidates

The United States Soccer Federation announced the first official USWNT general manager will be former U.S. player Kate Markgraf on Monday.

Five USWNT Coaching Candidates Who Could Replace Jill Ellis

Jill Ellis announced on Monday that she'll be stepping down as head coach of the USWNT at the end of the victory tour in October, and rumors of potential replacements have already begun to swirl.

Jill Ellis’ Next Job Should Be In The Men’s Game

Jill Ellis announced Tuesday she will resign from the USWNT after the team’s Victory Tour ends in October, bringing to an end the most successful reign in the history of women’s soccer coaching.