Ronaldo's Best Goals

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima should be considered as one of the greatest footballers to ever live. Known to most as "Ronaldo", the Brazilian from Rio de Janiero was an absolute horse on the field while having the touch of a cat. The number 9 striker always seemed to be two steps ahead of his counter parts and would constantly leave his opponents baffled or guessing what his next move would be. This video showcases that he is the real "Ronaldo". Like in all sports, the rare combination of speed, strength and creativity was what seperated Ronaldo from other strikers. 

Can Kaka Become Brazil's Top All-Time Scorer In World Cup Qualifiers?

Kaka is two goals away from becoming Brazil’s all-time leading scorer in World Cup qualifiers, but his toughest obstacle will not be Venezuela.

In order to surpass Zico and Romario, both with 11 goals, the Orlando City player will have to persuade Brazil coach Dunga into letting him play.

The Brazilian manager called up Kaka to replace Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, who got injured before he could make his debut in World Cup qualifiers. The other main absence in Brazil’s squad is the team’s star, Neymar.

The Stadiums Of The World Cup

We here at The18 have taken a critical look at Brazil’s preparation for the World Cup, especially when it comes to stadium infrastructure. It’s necessary to say that the Itaquerao, the stadium hosting the opening match between Brazil and Croatia, is still not finished. But, for the moment, let's put those worries aside and look at the 12 stadiums that will host the 2014 World Cup's 64 matches.