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Toni Kroos Said Bayern’s 8-2 Victory Tainted Real Madrid’s LaLiga Title; His Real Concern Should Be Madrid Is Technically Worse Than Norwich

Norwich City is better than Real Madrid. I don’t make the rules I just follow them.

Real Madrid’s latest LaLiga title isn’t feeling as special anymore. At least that’s how Toni Kroos is feeling after watching the horror show of Bayern Munich tearing Barcelona limb from limb in the now infamous 8-2 Champions League beatdown.

Kroos messaged fellow German and Bayern midfielder Joshua Kimmich on WhatsApp saying that the LaLiga title doesn’t feel the same anymore.

The Real midfielder has a solid point. Is it really a grand achievement to beat Barcelona anymore after watching the Catalan club get tossed around like a fish in a Seattle seafood market?

While Bayern’s 8-2 thrashing was at the top of Kroos’ mind, another fact lurks in the shadows. The Premier League’s failure and bottom feeder, Norwich City, can make the claim that it is superior to the LaLiga champion.

There is a truly amazing website called “my team is better than your team” that tracks all American college football and basketball results to prove a way that one team is better than another. The creators should absolutely invest in a format for club soccer.

Regardless, I found the list of results that proves Norwich is better than Real Madrid. I know you’re thinking, “Well Madrid lost to Manchester City and then City lost to Norwich whoopty do.”

That is far too easy and nowhere near as fun as this over-the-top, ridiculous list of results I have constructed to prove Canary superiority.

The List Of Results Proving Norwich Is Better Than Real Madrid

Result 1: Real Madrid lost to Manchester City

City defeated Real is the Round of 16.

Result 2: Manchester City lost to Lyon

Lyon defeated City in the quarterfinals.

Result 3: Lyon lost to Rangers

Rangers defeated Lyon in July.

Result 4: Rangers lost to Leverkusen

Leverkusen defeated Rangers in the Europa League.

Result 5: Leverkusen lost to Eintracht Frankfurt

Frankfurt defeated Leverkusen 3-0 in October.

Result 6: Eintracht Frankfurt lost to Arsenal

Arsenal thumped Frankfurt in the first Europa match.

Result 7: Arsenal lost to Olympiacos

Who could forget this Europa League shocker?

Result 8: Olympiacos lost to Wolves

Wolves finished what Arsenal failed to.

Result 9: Wolves lost to Everton

Everton defeated Wolves early on in the Premier League.

Result 10: Everton lost to Norwich

Norwich beat Everton to claim the LaLiga title.

CLEARLY Norwich should be LaLiga champions.

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