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These Hospital Gowns Made From Famous Players’ Jerseys Are The Best Thing You’ll See This Week

Panenka and We Are Xuxa have teamed up to give kids extra strength when fighting illness.

No one likes to have to go to the hospital. Whether it’s illness, injury or visiting a loved one, hospitals can be scary places, especially for kids.

But thanks to a new initiative from the Spanish football magazine Panenka and the creative agency We Are Xuxa, children are being given new strength at hospitals across Spain. 

Called Las Batas Más Fuertas, the inspiring collaboration is converting soccer jerseys into hospital gowns for children.  

Instead of being given a boring green gown that reminds kids that they’re sick and in a hospital, Las Batas Más Fuertas hopes to provide youngsters with a new sense of strength and will to overcome whatever conditions they might be up against. 

A simple cut down the back of a football shirt and some clever sewing turns a Lionel Messi jersey into an inspirational hospital gown.

“Hospitalized children play a very difficult game every day, but if they put on their team’s shirt, instead of the boring green dressing gown, their mood can improve, making them feel stronger,” Panenka wrote

The idea originated from Diego Lauton, Irene Labat and Fede Botella, the co-founders of We Are Xuxa. From there, Panenka helped make it possible and spread the word. Now, the project is having to turn down donations until it can better handle the generosity of football fans everywhere. 

The whole effort has just begun, starting with jerseys being sent to hospitals in Madrid, but it’s already catching on in Spain.

Sevilla was eager to join the initiative.

We absolute love this idea, and it could easily be transferred to other sports (hockey, American football and baseball immediately come to mind). We think soccer jerseys would make the best hospital gowns, but we may be a bit biased. 

So long as no kids wearing Sergio Ramos gowns try to slide tackle kids in Lionel Messi gowns, this is one of our favorite things ever. Check out more at

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