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Dele Alli Challenge Being Labeled As Satanic Propaganda

Just when you thought the viral sensation might finally go away, a new theory explaining the dark, religious meaning of the challenge has gained steam.

If you are reading this, chances are you have tried and no doubt, at one time or another, failed to complete Dele Alli’s now-famous goal celebration.

In August, the Tottenham man’s contortionist hand gesture spread like an epidemic, infecting footballers and non-footballers alike around the globe. As the obsession caught on, fans spent nearly as much time speculating the significance behind the move as they did trying to twist their fingers in the correct manner to complete the Dele Alli Challenge (or later, the second iteration, which is even more confusing).

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Theories about the Dele Alli Challenge meaning have been wide-ranging. Some are more joking and positive like the rumor between Spurs and rival Arsenal fans, which says the signal has to do with the number of trophies that will be won (or not won) by the Lilywhites this season.

Others are more serious, like Nigerian footballer Felix Orode’s proposition that the hand gesture is meant to show solidarity with Nigerian people who have been tortured by the military regime. 

Then, because one must never doubt the profound and unique analytical abilities of the modern internet, there are the more sinister suggestions.

A burgeoning conspiracy theory out of Indonesia has slammed the challenge as satanic propaganda, hinting that it is an idolization of the Muslim “anti-Messiah” Dajjal, who is blind in one eye. These theorists claim that Alli covering one eye with his hand is a subliminal celebration of satan.

Dele Alli Challenge Meaning

Dajjal, Islam's "false Messiah". Photo: @DailyStar_Sport | Twitter

Those who believe the idea have warned others through social media not to let their loved ones “do the dajjal sign.”

Dele Alli Challenge Meaning

"Dajjal Challenge. Be careful!" Photo: @Agam_Rahadian | Twitter

So, harmless football fun or a salute to the devil? We’ll let you decide.

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