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Birmingham City Retires Number 22 For Player That Played One Season

A heartfelt farewell would've sufficed, but the Championship club decided to go big or go home.

The hype and excitement around 17-year-old Jude Bellingham reached its apex when Borussia Dortmund made it official that the teenager was leaving Birmingham City to join the German giant. 

Bellingham is full of talent, especially his ability on the ball and propensity to evade players. His highlight reel emphasizes his skill with the ball at his feet. The midfielder caught the eye of several big teams with Dortmund snatching him up for a Birmingham City record fee of nearly $26 million. 

Bellingham joined Birmingham as an under-8 player and rose through the ranks for the past decade. The youngster was nearly in tears after his final match.

He ended up only playing one full season with the senior team. In 44 Championship appearances Bellingham netted four goals. Those stats were enough for Birmingham City to retire his number.

As expected, the football world didn’t react kindly to the club’s decision. The backlash ranged from sarcasm to full outrage.

The fun and games was then ruined by a racist asshole, whose own life is so miserable and useless that they felt the need to attack Bellingham on social media. Dortmund released a statement condemning those responsible for the internet attacks.

Is Birmingham City retiring the number 22 for a player that made 44 appearances ridiculous? Arguably yes. 

Does that give people the right to attack an innocent 17-YEAR-OLD on social media for his race? If you don’t know the correct answer to this question then you are the problem.

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