Nicki Goldstein

Freelance Graphic Designer

There’s no question that sports bring people together. But soccer does even more than that. It’s the world’s sport and it’s bigger than all of us. While in Nice, France for a few days before attending a conference in Cannes, I was wandering along the Promenade des Anglais and there was a giant expo laid out for the 2016 Euro Cup. While I was just standing there spectating, a teenaged French girl speaking broken English invited me to join her in a pickup game on the little pop up soccer arena right along the ocean. I obviously had to accept and had the time of my life. It’s moments like that which make soccer so great. The spontaneity and coming together of complete strangers over our mutual love for the game. 

Working at The18 provides me an outlet where I get to embrace my passion for soccer, while creating content for fellow soccer lovers to enjoy.