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Olympiakos and Mexico Striker Alan Pulido Found Safe After Kidnapping

Olympiakos and Mexico player Alan Pulido was kidnapped in Victoria, Tamaulipas by armed men after attending a party with his girlfriend.

Alan Pulido has been found safe by Mexican authorities, Reuters reported.

Armando Pulido, the brother of Mexico and Olympiakos striker Alan Pulido, confirmed to Mediotempo that his brother was kidnapped in the city of Victoria in Tamaulipas, Mexico on Saturday. 

The striker went missing sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning after going to a party with his girlfriend, Illeana Salas. According to reports, Pulido was leaving the party when several trucks surrounded him and his girlfriend. Six masked men then took him away by force, leaving his girlfriend behind. 

Alan Pulido

Pulido was with his girlfriend Illeana Salas when he was kidnapped. Photo: @mmdeportesmx | Twitter

Pulido was reportedly rescued after making a phone call alerting authorities to his location. It is not known how he was able to make the call.

Tamaulipas is a region that has become infamous because of the prevalence of crime and cartel-related activity which has resulted in an increased security presence, per the BBC. Both federal and state security forces have initiated a search for the striker, and there has been no reports of contact from the kidnappers by any of his family. 

(H/T The AP

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