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Chelsea's New Stamford Bridge Looks Amazing

Roman Abramovich and Chelsea have publicly announced their ambitions to expand Stamford Bridge into a 60,000 seat stadium that reflects Westminster Abbey.

Jose Mourinho has made numerous statements during his second spell at the bridge about how quiet the stadium is during match day. Chelsea have become one of the most popular teams in Europe and the Premier League, and with only 45,000 seats, tickets are in high demand. Because of this, ticket prices go up and only spectators with deep pockets are able to get their hands on a ticket. 

New pitch and stands

An artist's ariel view of the new Stamford Bridge. Photo: @GoalUK | Twitter

Along with Tottenham Hotspur who have revealed that their stadium expansion will go through in the coming years, Chelsea and Roman Abramovich have announced their plans to construct a bigger stadium. 

The renovations have been inspired by Westminster Abbey, a world famous gothic church in the heart of London, to create a “cathedral of football”. Though the pictures are hard to visualize in full detail, the expansion to 60,000 seats is a reflection to their past both historically and architecturally. 

The bridge at Stamford Bridge

The proposed South Stand at Stamford Bridge. Photo: @GoalUK | Twitter

The project is estimated to cost around £500 million straight from the pockets of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. And this is no simple renovation project. He has brought together a professional group of architects and engineers from around the world to see his vision come true. Only Chelsea and Aston Villa have remained in their original stadium location since being founded in the early 20th century. 

Since the club will not move locations, during the three year construction phase, they will move to a temporary home in London. Currently, the most popular options for Chelsea’s temporary ground are Wembley Stadium and Twickenham.  

Wembley Stadium’s 90,000 seats will surely give Mourinho the atmosphere he has so desired, and could even give the Blues a big advantage if they were to fill every seat. Twickenham is England’s second largest stadium, only behind Wembley, and hosts the Rugby Football Union. 

Inside Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is one of two possibilities for Chelsea's temporary home. Photo: @EssexCountyFA | Twitter

Inside Twickenham

Twickenham, home to English Rubgy, is the other option. Photo: @stephenlord | Twitter 

It is unknown when construction will begin, but odds are it will be sooner rather than later as Abramovich plans to hand ownership of the club to his eldest son after putting so much money into Chelsea.  

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